Tanasha's project from 3/24/15

More March 25

  • F90999bf10567e8c1fb007e18605d42d
    First base on finished dry wall
  • 8793483cdefd47b7499ba5becb6cf573
    Put in new hardwood floors
  • D2578754073c43eb577016e34b64ade5
    Culking and doing some trim work
  • 862a83cf21ad62fb117c04ef18340dd9
    Re built shelf's in tool room
  • 2bef8b99f03fbe5881bda5afa9295e09
    Finished dry wall
  • 0665aace5cbb37914f0b936bb1ff589c
    Just finished painting the foyer
  • 57a27f1ba9a1180b5bfb20b8b8e45fcb
    Put new tile in shower
  • 0f6f36e7e468b52216f48f6a640502d1
    Finishing up kids room
  • 6749d205213e2390c13d117bd2ce3dcf
    Demo work